What is Suar Wood?

With roots in South Mexico, Peru, and Brazil, Suar Wood from Wood Capitol is one of the finest qualities of wood, ideal for making furniture like chests, drawers, tables, stands, console tables, mirror frames, etc. The wood comes from the Suar tree (Latin name: Albizia Saman), and its cultivation has been an age-long practice along Hawaii and Southeast Asia. Today, Suar wood furniture is most popular among buyers and sellers. Its durability and affordability make it high in demand, especially in Southeast Asian economies.

Salient Features of Suar Wood:

1.    Suar wood tree grows in the tropical rain forests. It is a large tree with a symmetrical crown that reaches a height of about 25m and a diameter of about 40cm. The tree is also known as Monkeypod or Rain Tree or Samanea Saman.

2.    The leaves of the tree form a canopy; thereby creating a cooler and insulated climate under its thick, leafy branches. Due to this property, Suar wood furniture is largely preferred in tropical countries like Singapore where it brings down the home temperature and imparts a cooling effect inside rooms.

3.    Unlike most other woods, Suar is resistant to cracks, caused by wood movements. At the same time, it is robust by nature, yet another reason for its consistently high demand in the market.

4.    It is moderately thick and highly strong, thus works best for preventing decay and dry-wood termites. Furniture made of this wood is sure to last longer.

5.    Hardiness and marvellous wood grains make it perfect for creating best-in-class furniture. And it is powerful and durable.

6.    Suar wood easily grows in a new environment. A useful attribute is that it has a faster growth than the most conventional type of woods.

7.    The material is also acknowledged for giving unmatched toughness and rigidity to house furnishing.

8.    A stand-apart feature is that Suar wood wears a different colour in each of its layers. Not just furniture but artistic sculptures and eye-striking handicrafts also define the utility of Suar wood and all credits to its fine, coarse textures and ribbon-like figures.

suar wood

Suar Wood Care and Maintenance:

However, to ensure that Suar wood delivers its expected performance and glam up your house interiors, you must take proper care and maintenance by:

1.    Avoiding dry dusting as it brings the chances of developing small scratches and you don’t want these marks at any cost.

2.    Keeping away from using alkaline soaps while cleaning the wooden material.

3.   Using water and mild soap solution for preserving the lustre and grandeur of Suar wood.

With all the above features and regular maintenance, you can derive an array of benefits from Suar wood. When it comes to quality, the wood is often compared with Black Walnut. However, the former comes at a lesser price. Its competitive pricing makes it an ideal replacement for Mahogany wood.

Now that you know how Suar wood can work magic for your homes, waste no time in browsing the collection and selecting a desired Suar wood furnishing.

Happy Furniture!!

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