How to Setup Smart DNS Proxy for Android TV Box

If you have an Android TV or an Android TV box and you live outside of the USA, you might have noticed that most of your Netflix library doesn’t contain all those great shows that you read about online. Let’s say if you’re not access Hulu outside of us or even BBC iplayer outside of UK on your Android TV.

That’s where smart zenus proxy comes in but before we get into it if you’re wondering if there’s any real difference between Android TV and I don’t know TV box well the difference is the Android TV has a built in Android OS while the Android TV box has a separate set-top box that you can plug into say any TV the steps to set up smart Denis proxy for Android TV.

Android TV box are pretty much the same except for like say a few cases here and there for the sake of this video we’ll set it up on Android TV box and here’s how you go about it if you haven’t already go to smart yes proxy comm and create a new free account you basically have to enter your email address and name in etc with no credit card being required now.

In this case I already have a smutty s proxy account so I’ll directly begin with a setup part scroll down to the bottom of the Android TV box and then go to settings next go to networks find the Wi-Fi connected to or want to use your smartness proxy WIPP and then press the Wi-Fi name a new window will slide in scroll down to the IP settings and set it up with static instead of dynamic leave the IP address and gate where as it is make sure the network prefix is set to 24 and under DNS one and two and two the two IP addresses that you can see on the screen just now or you can find the complete list by clicking on the link in the description below of this video or even the YouTube cards it’s better to use the closest DNS server IP as your primary and another one relatively close as your secondary for instance say from an Australia and ideally copied to dinner service from Australia and if there’s only one available I choose another one nearby like say New Zealand or something and once you’ve done that tap the Save button.

Once you’ve saved the changes you successfully configured smart DNS on your Android device next from your computer browser you know to activate your IP address in the smart DNS proxy database you can do that by logging into your smart DNS proxy account from your computer or simply through your mobile browser now you can stream block content on sites like Netflix or Hulu without any geo restrictions and that wraps our video check out our other videos CPU happen to have another device like say Windows Android iOS or any other ones we’re even doing Apple TV in the future so keep a lookout for that one.

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