Recovery procedure from a Power failure in Singapore

Recovery procedure from a Power failure in Singapore

Imagine your watching the climax of a TV show when your home power tripped. Imagine your in a shower and the water heater was shut off.  Imagine the horror of a power failure when its in the middle of the night. There are a few things we take for granted and one of it is electricity, we always expect it to be there because its one of the perks of the modern world. But when it isn’t there, it can take its toll.

Power failure is something that affects us all. In just a few seconds, we are all transported back to the Stone Age. Singapore has had its problems with power failure and just a couple of year’s back the Singapore Stock Exchange was shut for 2 hours because of a power outage. In this case, the power failure was responsible in loss of money for thousands of traders.

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Just a few months back, there was a power outage in Orchard Central and shops were forced to shut shop earlier. Even top institutions and big malls are not protected from the power failure, which means the smaller businesses and homeowners will get deeply affected.

Why do power cuts happen?

If you faced a blackout in Singapore it might have due to a number of reasons.

-There is a chance you may have forgotten to pay for your household power bills, and the electric service provider have no choice but to cut your power supply.

-Your house has a faulty appliance or an overloaded appliance which has caused the circuit breaker to trip at home.

-At times, strong lighting strikes may have caused low rise households to face such power blackout.

How to trouble shoot the power failure problem.

Power failures can be a huge drain on productivity as most of the devices stop working. Without any air-conditioning on, it can be a drain on personal energy as well.

A lot of measures can be taken to trouble shoot the power failure problem.

1. Check your circuit breaker box to see if any of the switches has tripped- If no, that means the electrical fault is not caused by the appliances at home, you may want to call you town council or building management guys to identify the issues.

2. If one of your switches on the circuit breaker at home has tripped, you might want to do a thorough check which electrical appliance is faulty. Check carefully one by one to identify the faulty appliance and rectify accordingly.

Once you have identified the faulty socket, switch off the switch and the circuit breaker. Inspect carefully the appliances connected to this switch and visually check out the burnt fuses, exposed wires or any burnt marks on the 3-pin plugs.

3. If you are still not able to identify the cause, call for a qualified Singapore electrician to assist.

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