Myths about Painting services Singapore

If you live in Singapore and want to paint your newly built house or just want to give your house a beautiful makeover then you need to avail the most proficient painting service. But finding the right painter can be very troublesome since there are several painters out there in Singapore who claims to be professionals. Thus, most of the people consider it, better to take the matter into your own hands to save yourself from all these troubles.

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But basically, all you need to do if you want to paint your house in nice vibrant colours is to avail a credible service provider providing condo painting. You can easily get the reference from any of your friends or colleagues to get a dextrous house painting solution. But the fact is that due to high demand of painting services in Singapore, many myths have developed over time; some of which are true and some of them are not. Scroll down to find out the myths about painting service in Singapore and see how true they are:

  • Paying the total amount at the beginning of the work:

Never pay everything in the beginning. That is the first lesson that you need to take when it comes to condo painting. You should never pay everything at the primary stage when the painter is just starting to paint your house rather pay some amount in advance; keep the rest and pay it once you have received a quality service. In that way, you will be to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

  • Going cheap is the best policy:

The price of everything in Singapore is very high thus it is natural that you will be looking for a cheap service. But this is not true always, as cheap services can prove to be really expensive in future. Cheap services also mean cheap quality in most of the cases thus the paint will wither out after a short amount of time and you will have to repaint your condo all over again.

  • You will have to pay more for additional colours:

No, it is just a myth and has no truth in it. Your house painting service provider will not charge extra for extra colours. The price that is charged by the service providers is calculated on the basis of the area that is getting painted; no extra cost is being charged for extra colours or designs. Although painters sometimes charge few extra bucks for some tricky designs which take a great amount of time for completion.

  • It is better to take the matters into your own hands:

The process of house painting service Singapore is very insubstantial thus the hands of the experts are best suited for it. If you try to do it on your own, the result will just be worse and you will have to get it repainted all over again thus leading you to spend more money than you have expected.

  • Your painting requirements will not be customised┬áby the painters:

The process of painting a condo depends on the creativity of the painters and the innovativeness in the painting. Thus, the painters will always be listening to your ideas and thoughts so that they can provide you exactly what you want.

  • Moving out of the house for completing the painting job:

The providers of painting services are professionals thus they know what they are doing. They will just cover up all the items in your house to protect them from paints and will get the job done efficiently so there is no need for you to move out of the house till it gets painted.

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