Great ways to use Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener sheets, often known as dryer sheets are being extensively used to keep the wardrobe scented and believe us, these fabric softener sheets or balls are jack of many trades. You will be pleasantly amazed to know the below mentioned uses of these wonder sheets:

  • No more smelly shoes :

If you have got smelly feet, try using fabric softener balls in the toes of your shoes to minimize the stinking odor of sweaty soles. Product – Sinland 3 Pieces XL Premium 100% Wool Dryer Balls, Reusable Natural Fabric Softener

  • For books and photo albums :

Inserting fabric softener sheets in albums and new books helps in keeping the musty paper smell of used books at bay.

  • Ward off Rodents :

Dryer sheets are very successful in keeping rodents, skunks and squirrel away from basements, garages, boats and clubhouses.

  • Minimize static cling :

If static charge is bothering you, simply stroke yourself with a dryer sheet. It fights static cling on your clothes and even tresses.

  • Wipe up hair :

Fabric softener sheets are perfect to mop up your pet’s hair from your sofa, bed or any other furniture for that matter. It works equally well to clean your own hair from your bathroom floor.

  • Cleaning paint brushes :

To clean tough latex from paint brushes, simply soak your used paint brushes in warm water with fabric softener sheets. You will be surprised that your brushes come out soft and clean in less than a minute.

  • At work :

To keep your work place fresh and aromatically pleasing, keep fabric softener sheets in your office drawers or behind your computers. It will not only gratify your senses but will also combat your co-workers dreadful perfume or fusty cigarette smell.

  • Keep your Car clean and wonderful :

Tossing dryer sheets in your glove compartment or under your car seats and floor mats keeps your car smelling fresh. You can even use them to wipe your car to get rid of carnage.

  • Aromatic toilet paper roll :

Keep an unused fabric softener sheet inside the toilet paper roll and feel the difference. With every usage a whiff of fresh scent will beguile your senses.

  • Solve your Kitchen woes :

Soaking fabric softener sheet in warm water in used cookware, makes cleaning easier. It is equally effective in cleaning grimy kitchen cabinets and dingy cook tops with ease.

  • Cleaning soap scum :

Disposable Fabric softener sheets are very handy when it comes to cleaning the slippery soap scum from bathtub base or bathroom fittings.

  • Combat bugs :

If you are often bugged by insects and bees while strolling in your garden or wherever, here is a simple solution, just keep a fabric softener sheet in your pocket or rub it on your bare skin to discourage these pesky bugs.

  • Dusting :

The best way to utilize used fabric softener sheets is to use them for dusting. They can be practically used to knock off dust from almost any surface ranging from your antique furniture to your modern acrylic blinds.

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