Five Simple DIY Home Maintenance Tips

Here are top 5 suggestions that you as an inexperienced Handyman can handle at your home.

  • 1.  Clogged Shower heads – Mineral content of your water might build up inside your shower head and drastically affect water flow.  What you can do when you face such problem is to partially fill a sturdy plastic bag with vinegar and wrap the bag around the bathroom shower head.  Try to put it overnight at a corner for  the vinegar to clean out the deposits significantly. This will have result in a much better water flow. Hoo-ha save you the money of purchasing a brand new shower head!

clogged showerhead

  • 2.  Water Stains found on the Ceiling – If your ceiling has just one or two minor water stains, what you can do is not to panic and to avoid spending a huge sum of effort to re-paint. What you can do is to find a spray bottle and fill it up with a solution containing 10% bleach and 90% water. Reach out to the spots and spray them in a diligent manner. What you will encounter is that in a couple of days these stains will likely to disappear.  This works on both flat and textured surfaces.   Safety Note:  Please wear protective eye gear when trying this!

ceiling stains

  • 3.  Sticking Vinyl Windows and Doors – When sliding vinyl windows and doors refuse to open and close easily, it’s likely because debris and dirt have become accumulated in the channels.  A very simple solution is to purchase polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – Spray lubricant onto the contact points and wipe these affected areas with a rag.  PTFE is the same substance used in coating non-stick cookware.  This Teflon spray product can be purchased in any home improvement store in Singapore. Safety Caution:  Do not use oil lubricants, since they can attract dirt, as well as damaging the vinyl surface.

pfte spray

  • 4.  Filling of Screw Holes on Walls – An old tip for repairing these holes, courtesy of Popular Mechanics, is to pop a wooden golf tee into the holes.  You can sand and saw the tee flush with the wood’s surface  and finish it off by painting a fresh coat of paint.

screw holes

  • 5.  Getting Rid of Toilet Bowl Stains – Once again, vinegar is the key to removing such stains.  Create a potion by mixing vinegar with baking soda and apply it to the stains in the toilet.  Allow the solution to keep in contact with the stain for about an hour or two, then scrub with a brush, and these stubborn stains should lift away. Because it’s biodegradable, the vinegar and baking soda combination are environmentally friendly.

toilet bowl stain

Not all home repair and restoration projects can be managed easily or as quickly as these.  For the more extensive and challenging handyman tasks that need to be addressed, you can always count on ISOHandyman.


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