Finding Waterproofing contractor in Singapore

Each one of us faces issues with the leakage and plumbing issues occurred in our homes. Due to water clogging or blockages in any of the pipelines we get leakage in some part of our house. It not only troubles us but also spoils the ambiance of our home, every time we take a look at the leakages it makes us sad seeing our money spoiled on such a bad investment. The permanent and the most suitable solution for this problem are to get your house waterproofed. You can easily find many waterproofing specialists Singapore to give you the most efficient solution for the problem occurred.

What is waterproofing?

This procedure helps you to make your house or any specific part of it resistant to the water. That means it’s remaining unaffected by water and also resisting any effect being held on the structure due to blockages etc. The waterproofing is done of the areas regularly in contact with the water. It avoids the humidity and moisture to affect the structure of your house and occurs also stops it from occurring on the walls.  Waterproofing is generally done in the sanitary area as it has the maximum and regular contact with water.


Toilet waterproofing

To prevent seepage of water from the floor it is very important to get your toilets waterproofed. The most common method for Toilet waterproofing is to cast a membrane over the floor to avoid leakage; two of the most used membranes are sheet membrane and liquid membrane. Most of the waterproofing specialists Singapore prefer using the liquid membrane to waterproof your toilets. Tools required for the waterproofing include the paintbrush, roller tray, caulking gum, primer, scrapper, tape and silicon and not to forget the waterproofing membrane. To prepare the surface for waterproofing firstly it is cleaned of all the loose particles and dust, and smoothened along with brushing the walls to make it clear from all the undulations. The second step is to apply primer on the walls in order to prepare it for the waterproofing. The membrane should be applied on the primer with the help of a paint brush and extra caution should be taken while applying the membrane as to provide 100 percent coverage in the area. An extra coat of membrane is applied on all to joints for extra caution and safety and also the waterproofing should be considered done after the application of a double coat on all the area.

Final Words

We would suggest you to go for the waterproofing of your house at the time of construction itself, at least the sanitary area should be given attention for waterproofing. Also while hiring a professional for the task you should run a check on them based on their image in the market, and also your decision should also be affected by the reviews by the previous customers telling about their efficiency, perfection, speed while working and the durability of their work.

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