Choosing the Right Water Heater in Singapore: 5 Factors to Look for

With the kind of a hot and humid weather in Singapore, water heater becomes an essential commodity. Returning home from a tedious day at work, all that you wish for is a warm bath. And to enjoy a soothing bathing experience, you must go for the right water heater. But, how will you know which are the ones meant for you? Well, consider the following factors, look into your preferences and then make a wise decision.

But before going into the choosing parameters, let us first understand the entire water heater market in Singapore.

Well, the country abounds in mainly three types of water heaters- gas heater, storage heater and instant heater. Gas heaters use gas to heat up tank water whereas storage heaters use electricity. Instant heaters also use electricity; however, it does not need a water reservoir. Besides the basic functionalities, some other factors also differentiate the water heaters.

#1 Space

If you’re looking for a slim, sleek and compact water heater, gas heaters are a good choice. While installing gas heaters, you need to lay the gas pipes through your walls and connect them from the service yards to your toilets. Storage heaters will take substantial ceiling space. So, if you’re not willing to compromise the charm of your ceilings, don’t go for it. You can easily install the instant heaters right next to your shower heads. These heaters consume the least space; however, for each toilet, you need one unit.

#2 Aesthetic Performances

Gas heaters are less bulky and efficiently cover your gas pipes, but not the entire heater for safety reasons. Storage heaters are quite bulky and can smartly hide the storage heater and form a false ceiling. It also lowers the height of the toilet. Instant ones are advanced and compact. These heaters cannot be easily visible in your toilets if you place them beside your showers.

#3 Time Taken to Heat Up Water

Both gas and storage heaters require only a minute to warm water. So, after returning from a tiring day, you need not wait long for a refreshing bath. Instant heaters, as the name suggests, heat up water in the blink of an eye. However, it’s not suitable for heating up a large volume of water. If a long shower is what you desire, it’s better to browse the gas and storage heaters.

#4 Water Pressure & Hotness

Gas heaters have strong water pressure and are not the right choice for rain showers. Water remains quite hot in the heaters. Contrary to this, storage heaters are most suitable for rain showers and have incredibly strong water pressure. Instant water pressures have weak water pressure and just like gas heaters, don’t go with rain showers.

#5 Another Important Factor: Gas Smell

Since gas heaters will utilize your gas, you will feel the gas smell each time you switch on your heater. Neither storage nor instant heaters produce any gas smell.


These were all the significant factors worth considering for purchasing a desirable water heater. Thus, before choosing a heater, consider all these factors, see your preferences and comfort and then opt for the right one.   

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